coronavirus vaccine supply chain
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It has become increasingly obvious to most people since the onset of the pandemic that there is little chance of any society returning to “normal” without the development of some sort of coronavirus vaccine. And anyone cognisant of how supply chains work will understand that it is one thing developing a vaccine, and quite a different thing to get it to those who will need it – a number expected to ultimately amount to hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people. This op-ed in European Pharmaceutical Review looks at some of the challenges logistics operators and pharmaceutical shippers are likely to face: “It is very likely that demand for the vaccine will outstrip supply, at least in the immediate term. It will therefore be vital to identify the most vulnerable segments of the population, ensuring that they receive the vaccine as a priority. In addition to supplying the actual vaccine, syringes, needles and peripherals also need to be taken into consideration when planning the supply chain. These are often delivered by different parties, but are just as important as the vaccine itself and must be supplied in abundance so the dose can be administered safely.”

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