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The National Emergency Committee (COE) ordered the resumption of commercial
passenger flights as of June 1.
 Flight reestablishment will be gradual and will depend on factors such as demand,
airline ability to reactivate their fleets and conditions at destination airports.

Quito, May 22, 2020. – Commercial air transport of passengers will resume from June 1, as
reported this afternoon by María Paula Romo, Ecuadorian Government Minister. According
to Romo, only 30% of the frequencies or flights operated at Ecuadorian airports before the
start of the Covid-19 crisis will be sanctioned, as a first stage of resumption of operations.

The President and CEO of Corporación Quiport, Andrew O’Brian, welcomed the
announcement that “will allow the recovery of the air transport sector to begin, on which
other sectors depend, the main one of which is tourism”. He also pointed out that it is
necessary to fully understand the details of the operation in terms of the requirements that
national and international travelers must meet, such as those related to mandatory
preventive isolation measures.

The resumption of commercial air passenger operations will be gradual and will depend on
factors such as passenger demand, the ability of airlines to launch their fleets and the
operating conditions of destination airports. “At the beginning we will have very few flights
to limited destinations. As other countries make progress in opening their borders, the offer
of flights and destinations and passenger traffic will increase,” commented Mr. O’Brian,
who was emphatic in stating that the global air transport system is preparing with the
highest levels of health security measures to resume air connectivity.

Corporación Quiport will promptly inform through its official channels, social networks and
the website about the itineraries of the flights available once the airlines
confirm their operation to and from Quito.

“We are very grateful for the decision of the national COE and the Municipality of Quito for
believing in us and for their vision to reactivate the sector. This demonstrates the
robustness of the health safety protocols that we have prepared. We are well aware of the
responsibility we have to develop our operations safely for passengers and airport
employees,” said Quiport’s chief executive.

This is just a first step, albeit one of great importance, as we give airlines and the world the
message that we are ready to resume connectivity. Now we are focused on the complex
task of finding destinations for airline operation from the Quito airport.

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