Chess game. Two team stand confront each other on China and USA national flags. Trade war concept.
© Tanita Chunsiripongpann


The blame game begins.

“Some US officials just want to shift the blame”, China’s foreign ministry said Thursday, in response to reports that US intelligence informed the White House last week of Beijing’s alleged efforts to understate coronavirus infections and fatalities.

Predictably, Beijing dispatched Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman with a flair for the dramatic, to handle the accusations.

“Actually we don’t want to fall into an argument with them, but faced with such repeated moral slander, I feel compelled to take some time and clarify the truth again”, she snapped, adding that “China has been open and transparent”.


For her part, Hua ramped up the rhetoric once she got warmed up. “These comments by those US politicians are just shameless and morally repulsive, and these slanders, smears and blame games cannot make up for the lost time, but will only cost more lost time and lives”, she sneered.

That much, at least, is true.

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