The UK is readying itself to pull the Brexit trigger this week, despite a pro-Europe march in London on Saturday by up to 100,000 people. Tensions between Brexiters, Remainers and concerned businesses are coming to a head, with the Customs Union becoming a focal point. But will it be the loudest voice, rather than the most reasoned argument, which will win? Eurosceptic group Open Europe is urging the government to leave the Customs Union entirely, rather than opting for any half measures or becoming an “associate member”.  The group, which seems to have the government’s ear, believes the UK can still have a comprehensive free-trade agreement with the EU that maintains the benefits of a customs union. Meanwhile, in manufacturing, one trade body has warned that no EU trade deal – which the prime minister had argued was preferable to a bad deal – is “simply unacceptable”. The battle continues….


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