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Given last week’s rebuttal from DHL that it was preparing to sell its forwarding unit, let’s rephrase the thesis slightly and ask: “Why did DHL appear to be considering selling Global Forwarding for such a knock-down price?” The answer posited in this blog by Flexport chief executive Ryan Petersen is that it failed to get its IT right – and without that it had no chance of being able to tie all of its numerous acquisitions, amounting to billions of dollars of investment – into anything approaching a unified whole. “It’s better to design a modern airplane from scratch than to install a jet engine on the Wright Flyer. DHL Global Forwarding acquired huge businesses and never really solved the technology puzzle – in the process, it destroyed a huge amount of shareholder value.”

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  • John Brow

    February 26, 2016 at 5:48 am

    Oohh! very bad news for the DHL.