Awery’s solution was developed in 28 hours straight and drives a common modern standard for the air cargo industry

Frankfurt, Germany, Thursday 29th June 2023: Awery Aviation Software (Awery) was awarded the Cargo iQ Prize at IATA’s ONE Record Hackathon 2023 for its door-to-door airfreight planning and real-time update solution for Cargo iQ members,

Entrants were challenged to develop a solution to support planning and updating cargo tracking events when performed by non-Cargo iQ third parties, such as trucking companies, which are currently not able to share status updates with Cargo iQ members.

Awery’s prototype solution facilitates cross-stakeholder planning via a URL, which Cargo iQ members and non-members can share with their unmonitored providers, enabling them to input shipment details through IATA’s ONE Record Data Sharing Standard API.

“Our solution is open source, and we truly believe it could develop quickly once implemented by the air cargo community, speeding up the adoption of the ONE Record standard across the whole industry,” said Vitaly Smilianets, Chief Executive Officer, Awery.

“We are proud to have the opportunity to work on a common modern standard for the air cargo sector.

“What we have created in 28 hours of continuous brainstorming and work is an impressive start, and we will continue to develop this moving forward.”

The solution was praised by judges for its ability to fill in the gaps in the Cargo iQ door-to-door Route Map, which enables stakeholders to collaborate on planning and monitoring the journey of an air cargo shipment.

“Awery’s application stood out as it presented an easy way to gather status updates from third parties and at the same time provides a feasible way to plan events such as Proof of Delivery for those providers,” said Laura Rodriguez, Implementation and Quality Manager, Cargo iQ. is supported by three apps developed by Awery during the hackathon.

Two of the apps enable freight forwarders and third parties to plan and confirm events over the course of a shipment as well as upload documents.

The third app provides shippers and consignees with visibility of the shipment by providing key information on planned and actual events.

“IATA’s ONE Record is all about driving supply chain visibility and transparent data access,” said Henk Mulder, Head of Digital Cargo, IATA.

“The Awery hackathon team picked up on that and created the perfect match with Cargo iQ.

“This collaboration is a great approach to help the industry close the visibility gap in the supply chain.”

Awery is working towards becoming fully compliant with ONE Record and will offer this provision to its customers in the near future.


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