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UPS pilots are as concerned as those at FedEx, and have asked to be allowed to decline flight assignments to Hong Kong, which has tightened screening requirements amid an outbreak of Covid-19.

Pilots are able to decline trips to mainland China and want that extended to Hong Kong, reports Freightwaves. Earlier this week, FedEx pilots, via the Air Line Pilot Association, went further and called for a suspension of flights to Hong Kong.

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  • Rayhan ahmed

    July 30, 2020 at 1:52 pm

    We are the ones on the ramp that load and unload the freight cargo and courier which I
    Have for many years and really enjoyed even
    Pilots are the heart of this operation to make sure the aircraft loaded with freight gets to its
    Arrival point . When transport pilots decline
    A operation pilots who are freelance should operate the aircraft that means non ups FedEx
    Pilots .
    United States is pelted by freelance pilots who
    Will operate these routes to mainland China
    But at a wide cost which ups and fedex will
    Refuse this large bill .., now you can’t have it
    Both ways get the cargo there and back or
    Pay freelance pilots with the required ratings
    To operate that specific aircraft