Sky Lease Cargo, sister company of now-defunct Centurion Air Cargo, suffered a runway excursion in Halifax this morning.

Its only 747-400F, inherited from Centurion, veered off the end of the runway, causing five crew members to suffer minor injuries. They are now being treated in hospital. Images show the freighter lost two engines while the other two were heavily damaged, the fuselage was bent and the underside was cracked. The aircraft was said to be travelling from Chicago.

Halifax Airport announced in August that Sky Lease, which also has a codeshare with Suparna Airlines, was operating two flights a week for First Catch, a Chinese seafood freight forwarder, from Halifax to Changsha in Hunan. SkyLease had also signed a deal with Navitrans to operate three flights a week between Chicago and Zhengzhou using its 747. CTVNews reports.

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