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SEKO Logistics’ core market investment strategy now includes the opening of its own operation in Ireland to serve multinational customers prospering in one of Europe’s fastest growing economies.

According to the European Commission’s Interim Economic Forecast, Ireland is likely to have recorded the highest GDP growth in the EU in 2018, estimated at 5.6% versus 2.1% for the region overall. This follows the country’s strong momentum of 2017 when its 7.3% growth rate was three times higher than the Eurozone average.

As SEKO Logistics has expanded its presence globally in recent years, it has strategically invested in new facilities in key markets such as the UK, Hong Kong, Mexico City, New York and Chicago. Driven by the growing number of multinational companies operating in Ireland as well as increased consumer spending, it has also become a prime global trade market for SEKO’s international clients. This latest investment, which includes the opening of a new office and warehouse facility based at Dublin Airport, Harristown, at the start of 2019, enables SEKO to support its existing customers and step up to meet future growth opportunities.

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