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Welcome to the second half of the year. 

Things are not looking pretty, unfortunately: the downturn of our industry is in full swing, margins continue to suffer in the new low-rate environment, while any volume rebound seems out of sight and hope of a sudden peak season won’t cut it (kind reminder: hope is not a business model).

Some bitter medicine must be administered, sipped and swallowed by several markets and organisations.

(’Peak, what peak?’ compounds the risks indeed.)

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  • Stephanie Loomis

    July 04, 2023 at 4:59 pm

    Seeing as customers don’t seem to give one iota about service, operationally excellent or not, there is little chance for anyone in the industry – carrier or forwarder – to “differentiate” themselves in this market. All that seems to matter in this feeding frenzy to the importers and shippers is who has the absolute lowest rate this week.


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