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Lufthansa   Cargo   and   Swiss   WorldCargo   are   adapting   their   pricing   structure   with   effect   from   the   winter  flight  schedule  2015/16.  From  October  25,  the  pricing  of  both  airlines  will  consist  of  just  two   components:   a   net   rate   and   an  airfreight   surcharge.   As   a   result,   the   different   surcharges   currently  in  place –  for  fuel  and  security – will  be  eliminated.  As  the  new  airfreight  surcharge  will   be  much  lower  than  the  total  amount  of  the  current  surcharges,  the  net  rates  will  be  re-aligned  so   that  overall  prices  of  transport   will be  at  current  levels.

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