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Global warming – or heatwaves – could be bad for air freight capacity. In this slightly alarmist article from India Today, we learn that aircraft need to be lighter to take off in the heat, meaning that they may have to offload cargo during very hot days. Apparently up to a third of aircraft worldwide may need to be grounded in decades to come. It has already started – last month aircraft were unable to take off in Phoenix and Las Vegas due to searing heat. Airports with short runways such as New York’s La Guardia will be most affected, or those in hot countries such as the UAE.

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  • VarAway

    July 21, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    Oh please, get real.
    What is it? Global Warming OR Heat Wave?
    We always had heat waves, we always had flash floods and heavy rains,
    even before Al Bore ( sorry Gore ) was born.
    And NO, the sea level has NOT increased!
    OK, not more than 2.1 mm over the last 100 years.