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This week has seen the latest round of waffle from the mainstream media about the next generation of emerging economies. Economist Jim O’Neill, widely credited with coining the BRIC [Brazil, Russia, India and China] acronym (although it would work equally well as BIRC or CRIB, given the nature of some of the economic activity), has come up with a new one: MINT – or Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey. For anyone remotely involved with logistics and supply chains, this is neither new or news, but the BBC and national newspapers are full of it this week. As a partial antidote to our readers, here’s a list of the next-next-next emerging markets to watch out for. Oh, and by the way, out of those 10, The Loadstar’s top five are SMILE: Sierra Leone, Mongolia, Iraq, Libya and Eritrea (although MILES and SLIME would also work…)

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