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As air cargo market softens, the Dashboard provides critical insights into demand patterns and pricing, and allows airlines to take action to improve sales and revenue

(July 5, 2023) – WebCargo by Freightos, the leading digital cargo booking and payment platform, announced today that its new Airline Dashboard has emerged from beta for its 35+ airline partners.   With the new product, airlines can optimize revenue and utilization with unparalleled visibility into customer behavior across over 10,000 forwarding offices, while gaining the ability to easily adjust surcharges, services and more.

WebCargo’s Airline Dashboard gives airlines a competitive edge with nearly real-time data generated by analyzing tens of thousands of monthly eBookings. The dashboard provides general industry data, including the Freightos Air Index (FAX) with daily market pricing,  as well as granular airline-specific lane-level insights, including sophisticated market data on the customer price sensitivity, how soon before departure the majority of customers book or cancel freight, data on origins and destinations, and other market trends.

Manel Galindo, CEO of WebCargo, said, “WebCargo’s Airline Dashboard will transform airlines’ ability to optimize pricing and balance yield and volume.  Many airlines have been in the dark when it comes to broader industry behavior. Our Dashboard fixes this while helping them analyze why customers are clicking on certain offers and passing on others. Visibility into customer behavior is invaluable for airlines’ pricing and revenue teams, especially when combined with tools to adjust their cargo offers to meet those needs and make the sale.”

“The dashboard is an amazing tool not only to understand performance but also to adjust pricing strategy in real time,” said Andrés Romero, Head of Revenue Management for American Airlines Cargo. “Leveraging the data from the dashboard, we have been able to attract more revenue and adapt more quickly to market changes.”

One standout feature of the Airline Dashboard is “Look to book ratios”, which helps optimize pricing based on how often potential customers who see an offer actually book it.  This also provides visibility into how customers weight factors like price, transit time, weight-break, or brand loyalty, when making a booking.

As Toke Høgild, Head of Commercial at Scandinavian Airlines’ SAS Cargo Group, an early adopter of the Dashboard shared, “With WebCargo’s Airline Dashboard, the new data that becomes available through digital sales gives us the ability to steer, navigate and test in new ways.”

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