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Modernisation and investment will be the focus for new CEO of DHL Express John Pearson, who has also become a board member of the parent company, DP-DHL.

Formerly CEO of DHL Express Europe, he brings a decade of experience with the company.

Mr Pearson took over from Ken Allen, who took on DHL’s new eCommerce Solutions division in September in a bid to revamp and boost the company’s struggling Post, e-commerce and Parcel (PeP) unit.

“We are pleased to have John Pearson join our corporate board,” said Frank Appel, CEO, DP-DHL. “John’s extensive operational knowledge and business experience within the division will ensure a continuation of the successful growth path of DHL Express in the years to come.”

Noting that he expected continued growth in express, Mr Pearson added that the Express division’s “annual top line growth has made substantial financial contributions for the group”.

“This development was very much driven by our dedication to quality, the uncompromising engagement of our 100,000 employees worldwide and the customer-centric culture,” he said.

“We will use all existing channels to transform every opportunity into top line growth. We are modernising our regional and intercontinental air fleet, we will continue to invest in our international infrastructure and innovative technologies, while making sure to further align our delivery processes with the needs of our customers in order to maintain our excellent level of customer experience and satisfaction.”

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