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(March 30, 2023) – WebCargo by Freightos, the leading cargo booking and payment platform, has partnered with three of China’s leading master loaders to offer global forwarders real-time access to Chinese air cargo export capacity. This innovation allows the thousands of forwarders on WebCargo across Europe and North America to compare prices, book and pay across Sinotrans Global E-commerce Logistics (“Sinoair”), CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics Co., Ltd. (“CIMC Anda Shun”) and Sinotech Logistics (“Sinotech”).

This master loader capacity complements capacity that is already available on WebCargo directly from major airlines, giving freight forwarders maximum choice in the critical ex-China routes, and saving time and money. Unlike many airlines, these master loaders do not require forwarders to be IATA cargo agents.

Historically, China’s master loaders would offer their services to local forwarders who would then resell capacity to overseas forwarders looking to import goods from China.  That changes with this announcement.  “By the end of Q1,” said Manel Galindo, CEO of WebCargo, “we will have on-boarded three Chinese master loaders, Sinoair, CIMC Anda Shun and Sinotech.  No more language or time zone barriers, middlemen or costly delays.  Going forward, forwarders will have cross-border access to China, democratizing access to global air cargo on this key trade lane.”

Currently, shipments originating in China represent one of the largest segments of global air cargo, accounting for 7.3 million metric tons out of a global air cargo market of 65.7 million metric tons. Forwarders around the world, including the 3,500 freight forwarders in over 10,000 offices that already use WebCargo, will now gain direct access to leading master loaders operating digitally in this key region.

Wenxuan Zang, Sinoair’s General Manager of Logistics and Information Technology Department, is excited to partner with WebCargo.  “WebCargo’s innovative platform and our expertise in Chinese air freight is a winning combination.  Here at Sinoair we’re constantly looking to grow and innovate.  The opportunity to offer direct sales with Western forwarders will expand access to a large customer base and provide us with financial KYC’s through Webcargo’s payments functionality—both important advantages in this uncertain economy.”

Star He, CIMC Anda Shun’s Overseas Market Director, plans to kickstart more global coverage with WebCargo, saying, “partnering with WebCargo means our overseas customers will be able to book and pay for the best shipping options from China anytime, anywhere.  As China reopens to international travel and more passenger flights get added to our overall airfreight capacity, inquiries from overseas customers are increasing as well.   We look forward to growing together with WebCargo.”

Vincent Zhang, Sinotech’s Overseas Business Director, hails the uptick in East-West ecommerce, saying “the convenience and efficiency that we bring to overseas customers through WebCargo means faster and better cross-border freight and trade.  This way everyone gets to enjoy the benefits and ease of digital booking and payment.”


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