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Here’s some food for thought as you head into the weekend. We assume that almost every regular Loadstar reader is a beneficiary of globalisation in one way or another – from us the writers and editors, to the executives we interview, right down to truck drivers, seafarers and warehouse operatives. We all earn a living from the need to shift stuff from one part of the world to another and ad-value to those goods while doing so. Thus, while the recent attacks on the concept globalisation and free trade from arch-hypocrite Donald Trump to the myopically toxic Brexiteer brigade are the nationalist antithesis to globalisation, they are also terribly depressing in the way they appear to have abandoned reality. “Few things are more ironic than anti-globalisation rants hammered out on the ever-evolving computers that symbolise so strongly the transformative dynamism of market forces – and then get distributed on social media that underscores the futility of seeking separation in such an inter-connected world.”

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