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Carriers – both air and sea – are attracted by the high yields that come with the transportation of pharmaceuticals.

Airlines have taken the highest value shipments, and are swiftly ensuring that staff and handlers are well-trained. CEIV and GDP are becoming ever-more important to prove that transport quality is high. And customer expectations are growing – there can be no airport “black hole”, no temperature excursions, no delays. Meanwhile, technology is becoming ever more critical – shipment visibility is key.

Maersk has introduced remote container management, which combined with seamless transport in reefer containers could eat into airline business. But long periods in transit, plus an insurance cap on high-value shipments will mean air is likely to remain the preferred choice for the high end.

But the LongRead also examines what is happening in the world of shippers. Disruption has come to pharma companies too  – mobile health, apps, and new developments from technology companies are starting to disrupt the heavily regulated and slow-to-move pharma business. What will this mean for the logistic industry?


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