(May 5th 2022, Schiphol, The Netherlands) Kales Group, announces today its partnership with Cainiao Network, the logistics arm of Alibaba Group, to jointly optimize capacity solution of Cainiao’s global air freight linehaul network.

Through Cargonet Asia, one of its subsidiaries, Kales Group will support Cainiao with fixed allotments, block space agreements and free sales in order to sell available capacity on flights chartered or leased by Cainiao on their way back to China.

“We are very proud to sign this partnership with Cainiao and contribute to the development of a global smart logistics network supporting the growth of e-commerce and beyond”, says Sebastiaan Scholte, CEO of Kales Group.

“We will support Cainiao on their different trade lanes in different parts of the world. Cainiao will be a very welcome addition to the already extensive portfolio we offer to our forwarders’ base.”

“We are happy to work with such an experienced partner like Kales, with the right knowledge and network to support us when we are expanding our business relationships around the world”, says James Lu, Senior Logistics Advisor for Cainiao.

“This partnership will allow us to better leverage our logistics infrastructures such as the Liege eHub and to help our clients to better export to China.”

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