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Here’s a pretty complete rundown of the all the drones, self-driving trucks and other projects under way around the world – from truck platooning in Singapore to a fiver shuttle in Paris and intelligent lockers for last-mile deliveries, the sheer array of projects is bewildering. This blog post, authored by the head of supply chain and transport industries at the World Economic Forum, outlines some of the opportunities and challenges, particularly for policymakers: “These improvements do not come without their challenges. One key concern is cyber risk. We need to ensure that autonomous units cannot be hacked. Ethical questions must also be answered. How should we decide who a vehicle should save in the case of an accident? Policymakers need to consider where to drive innovation and where to slow down the autonomous economy to avoid unwanted consequences, such as job losses.” One caveat – by the time you finish this article, you’ll probably remain unconvinced that the autonomous supply chain is actually in operation right now.

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