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Zim has warned customers of possible short-notice service interruptions as result of shifting guidelines from Israeli authorities following renewed violence in the region.

It said it aimed to provide “all required services”, and the Israeli carrier added that currently services were running without interruption, as around “90% of our operations are outside of Israel”.

It added: “Our priority is supporting our employees in Israel and ensuring their safety and security, while continuing to meet the needs of our customers, in Israel and globally, with an unrelenting focus on strict operational standards.”

The carrier also said it had extended an offer to the Israeli government to make use of its vessels and infrastructure.

CEO and president Eli Glickman said the company would be “constantly assessing” the situation to assist and support its communities and employees.

He said: “Our employees’ and the state of Israel’s security is our top priority, [we] will support Israel in this difficult time and our  priority will be to allocate the needed resources to aid Israel in this hard and difficult situation.”

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