Three in one today. UPS’s appeal to force the US Postal Service (USPS) to raise its parcel-delivery prices has been rejected by the US Supreme Court. Bloomberg reports that the decision means the government can continue determining how much to charge for parcels. It seems the big winner here is Amazon, which heavily uses USPS for deliveries, while UPS will likely continue to find a way to force through changes. The express operator claims USPS has an unfair advantage by not basing its pricing on true delivery costs. Still, UPS doesn’t seem to be haemorrhaging too much: Air Cargo News reports that it has recently expanded the number of countries benefiting from its Saturday-pick-ups for exports. Meanwhile, Freightwaves reports that USPS has contracted TuSimple for a two-week pilot of autonomous vehicles, involving five round-trips covering more than 1,000 miles between USPS distribution centres in Arizona and Texas.

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