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Services at the port of Ningbo are operating normally – although the Zhejiang Province government has instigated quarantine and disinfection action for the Beilun district of the city.

Three of Ningbo’s container terminals border Beilun district, where, reportedly, 23 people have tested positive for Covid-19 – Ningbo Beilun Container Terminal (NBCT), Ningbo Beilun Second (NBSCT) and Ningbo Beilun Third (NBTCT) – but there are no reports of infections in the port itself.

According to Maersk Line, loading and discharge operations at the three terminals are working normally, while gate-in and out operations have seen some restrictions  imposed on 1 January.

Meanwhile, operations at the Ningbo Bluedragon LongXing warehouse have been suspended until further notice, but the Ningbo Bluedragon LongFei remains open for import and export cargo at NBTCT and Ningbo Meishan Island International Container Terminal. Empty container operations at the Greating Fortune Yard 3, Hongda Yard and CIMC Yard 1 have all ceased operations.

Maersk told customers trucking services outside the Beilun District had been suspended to prevent the spread of infections and truckers must apply for permits to operate.

It said approximately 20% of drivers had been permitted to operate, adding: “Zhejiang provincial government, local governments and Ningbo port are in search of regulations to mitigate the impact on logistics transport. Some areas have issued policies to allow trucks from [the] Beilun area to operate under strict control.”

It said its intercontinental rail, sea-rail and barge services were all available alternatives in the short term.

More on Ningbo Port tomorrow.

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