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Australia’s Patrick Terminals is to increase its terminal charges on 6 March, claiming increased energy prices and wages, along with capital investments and rents, have substantially increased its costs.

Import containers will be hardest hit, with charges of A$170.50 (US$117.85) per full container in Melbourne’s East Swanson Dock, A$155.20 in Sydney, Brisbane’s Fisherman’s Islands facility charging A$149.05 and Freemantle fees will be the lowest, at A$61.54.

Transport costs for shippers have decreased over the past 12 months, said Patrick, including those for exporters, but added: “Patrick will continue to maintain a concessional rate to support Australian exporters for the next 12 months, with the differential between import and export containers to be partially reduced from March.”

Export container charges will be set at A$124,20 in Sydney, A$136.40 in Melbourne, A$119.25 in Brisbane and A$30.76 in Fremantle.

In addition to the container handling charges, Patrick has hiked its vehicle booking system fees from 6 March, set at A$38.85 in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and A$46.05 in Freemantle, an increase of close to A$3 and A$5, respectively.

Other fees are also increasing, including storage, yard handling and reefer services.

Patrick Terminals said it had embarked on a A$300m investment programme at its terminals three years ago, with A$220m already spent and a further A$80m set aside over the next 18 months for rail connection improvements in Melbourne, Sydney and Freemantle, an automated truck handling project in Brisbane and Sydney and straddle carriers and gate system upgrades.