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The latest M&A rumour doing the rounds in US port circles is swirling over Global Container Terminals’ (GCT) two box facilities in the port of New York & New Jersey, the country’s largest east coast hub.

Bloomberg reports, via “people familiar with the matter” (because no player will confirm or deny anything about what follows) that Hapag-Lloyd; MSC’s terminal operating arm TIL; Ports America; and Stevedoring Services of America (SSA) have been shortlisted as possible buyers in a deal that has ...

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  • Eduard Winkelmann

    October 23, 2022 at 3:00 pm

    Hi everybody,
    very interesting developments which are the same in Europe and MidEast (e. g. DP World). Port- and Terminal operators need to change their biz-model due to Lines like MAERSK, MSC, Cosco and CMA’s new approach as Logistic-Integrators (End-to-End). Being rich of cash they will rather “make” and not “buy” the respective service tool they need to cover the respective part of the supply chain incl. the first and the last mile. The question is: How could Port/Terminal operator cope for the new development? Would more Port Centric Logistics in combination with Logistic Parks as close as possible to consumer areas (DP World & London Gateway) be an answer? Some of the major players in the industry obviously like this appoach. Consequently, the are actually try to secure the port and or terminal facilities possibly not needed anymore for container loading/discharging. Against this background one has also to see Cosco’s proyect to get a 35% share in the HHLA Tollerort Terminal in Hamburg presently under heavy discussion. In my view it is pure longterm strategy
    of the Chinese Goverment and has nothing to do with regaining volumes from competition ports or lose Cosco
    as a customer. Part of the problem is that at one side of the table are politicions to decide who think in “election periods” of say five years and at the other side people who just follow instructions from their government who did not hear of any election periods.
    Any views/comments?

    Best regards
    Eduard Winkelmann

    Ex DSR Senator Lines
    Ex China Shipping Europe HQ, Hamburg
    You find my profile in Linked In.