DSME 068

Another fascinating opinion piece from Splash24/7 guest columnist Andrew Craig-Bennett on the lunacy going on the deepsea liner trades and the misguided arguments for building bigger ships. One of the joys of reading Mr Craig-Bennett is his refusal to pull his punches: “They all thought, like the bankers 10 years ago, that the rules have changed, and that eternal verities ceased to apply just because of new technology – the computer and the grey box carrying Freight All Kinds. They were wrong. None of them have a clue.” There is a further inference to this article – shippers need to be careful what they wish for; the removal of the conference system took away much of the stability that had resided within liner shipping for nigh on a century.

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  • Mike Webber

    March 23, 2016 at 10:08 pm

    Terrific piece with observations and wisdom broadly applicable well beyond the maritime industry. Beyond the private sector, in fact. Thank you for sharing it.