Crane Worldwide Logistics has appointed Keith Winters as its chief executive, effective immediately, taking over from John Magee, who leaves after 11 years. 

Mr Winters has worked for Crane companies for 20 years, most recently as chief executive of Davaco, which implements strategies and technology for brandsafter eight years as chief operating officer for Crane Worldwide, of which he was one of the founders. 

Mr Magee’s LinkedIn page notes he is a “leader and entrepreneur, looking forward to the next chapter”. 

Chairman Jim Crane said: “Crane Worldwide has built its success as a result of our talented people and our unwavering commitment to client service. I am excited that our CEO successor has come internally, as Keith exemplifies all the great values we have built this company on 

“I am grateful for everything John Magee accomplished in the role and thank him for his commitment as one of our company founders. I am confident the transition will be smooth – our leadership team is solid, and we are looking forward to the future. “  

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