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The next phase of Amazon’s growth will see it bring ever more logistics functions in-house. Part of this relies on reducing its dependence on courier firms such as FedEx and UPS and giving more business to local courier firms and the US Post Office, picking up goods from its expanding range of own-operated fulfillment centres. One idea being trialled in the UK is construction of Amazon lockers at London Underground station car parks – principally at Finchley Central and Newbury Park, at the nether-ends of the Northern and Central lines respectively – from where customers can pick up their goods. Hmm, one wonders how much time Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has spent waiting for underground trains. Some might argue it would quicker, and cheaper even, given recent Tube price hikes (yikes!) for consumers to simply buy our own drones and send them of to Amazon’s DCs rather than trust in the efficiencies of a transport system built over a century ago. But here you, what seems a good idea in Seattle…

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