Some ideas have genius written all over them, and this is one. A new drone under development by UK-based Windhorse Aerospace sees a one-trip unit that will be used in disaster relief. The Pouncer was conceived in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake and the considerable problems of delivering aid to the thousands who needed it. Its payload will be food; the frame is made of cheap plywood that can be chopped up and used as firewood and the wings made from thin, clear plastic that can used to construct shelters. “The start-up thinks that using its drones will be as cheap as current deliveries made by parachute drop, but more precise,” says tech blog Fastcoexist. The drones, inspired by wingsuits worn by base jumpers, are also designed to be launched from a plane. “The tiny onboard navigation system can deliver food precisely, within 22 feet from a target.”

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