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Photo: Turkish Maritime Authority

Latest reports from Iskenderun Port in Turkey suggest that the fire following Monday’s earthquake, has been brought under control.

Turkish maritime authorities told Reuters a combined effort from the air and sea had managed to quell the blaze, which began when a container stack collapsed after the horrific shocks that have killed thousands and wrecked supply chains.

However, vessels heading for Iskenderun have been warned to divert to other ports, as the southern Turkey facility remains closed.

Source: project44

A local source told Reuters: “The flames had not spread to the area where flammable materials were stored, and the nature of the fire, which has unleashed a huge cloud of black smoke over the city, was still unclear.

“We suspect it is plastic raw material or chemical, but we could not clearly determine it, as the containers collapsed and scattered,” added the source.

Source: project44


The mayor of Istanbul posted footage of the fire being extinguished.

port of Iskenderun

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