premium © Alexandru Maricel Catalin
© Alexandru Maricel Catalin

Next week The Loadstar will introduce premium content, exclusively available to subscribers.

As you know, our regular content is free of charge – and we intend to keep it that way.

But we’d like to offer our readers extra –  but this is more expensive for us to produce.

The first phase of The Loadstar Premium will be our financial content. Our weekly Market Insight column will be available to subscribers, who will also be able to access the four-years’ worth of archives of our Financial Analysis columns.

The Financial Analysis columns will be available to all readers for two weeks after publication, and thereafter to subscribers only.

Best of all, subscribers will be able to live-chat with our financial columnist, Alessandro Pasetti, in GMT working hours. (But as Ale doesn’t seem to sleep much, so you might get lucky with extra hours when he covers the US markets) We are hoping to see group chats formed on various topics.

There will be also links to relevant news from other sources that we think you’ll be interested in, such as corporate finance, fundraising and macroeconomic developments.

Ale is also planning to introduce a new monthly feature, Against The Odds, publishing his personal fair-value estimates for the major integrators, ocean carriers and freight forwarders, briefly explaining the risk/reward profile of premium companies listed on the stock market. (Please note: this will not constitute financial advice.)

And the price? The same as a few cappuccinos a month (and with the likelihood of the pound’s rapid descent into basket-case territory, it may cost you very little at all). In fact, it’s just £12 per month, including tax, and there are various discounts available too. We will publish the link to subscribe shortly.

We hope that you will join us on our journey. For more information, please contact [email protected].

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