The ecological concept of greenhouse gas emissions
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A new report suggests that slower-steaming is the best way to cut emissions from ships. Cutting ship speeds by 20% would cut sulphur and nitrogen oxides by about 24%, while also reducing  black carbon. But some lines, notably Maersk, are very much opposed to speed limits, and others say it would lead to more ships, and therefore more emissions. The BBC reports.

Perhaps a quicker win in transport would be to end the practice of fuel-tankering by airlines, in which they carry additional fuel to more expensive airports so they don’t have to buy it at higher prices. A BBC documentary has put the spotlight on IAG, which, it claimed tried to save £40 by carrying additional fuel to Italy – which meant the flight emitted more than 600kg of additional carbon dioxide. IAG boss Wille Walsh told investors last week that “clearly the financial saving would have incentivised us to do fuel tankering. 

“But maybe… this the wrong thing to do and the wrong thing to incentive. So we want to make sure we have our incentives aligned to the right activities so ensure financial sustainability but also environmental sustainability.” 

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