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Canada is set to change its air cargo screening requirements to allow shippers to screen cargo before it reaches the airport. The country is currently very concerned about terrorist attacks – and hopes these measures will take the strain off airports, cut costs and improve standards. The recommendation has been made by Transport Canada and now needs a regulatory framework to allow companies a voluntary option for screening.

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  • Cameron Ellis

    March 30, 2016 at 2:16 am

    So, by allowing “outside” companies do their own screening, as against the cargo handling companies/air carriers at the airport doing it, a weak link has been created. A weak link ready to be exploited by the would-be terrorist or his associate “on the inside”. Canada does not have the infrastructure in place to see this thru in a cost effective manner.
    The next problem comes with who will have or be able to get enough insurance cover to pay out for the loss of an aircraft, the passengers and all the rest of the claims that go with a downed liner? When that plane goes boom, someone down the chain will pay and pay dearly for the consequences. I would not be in favor of ever allowing an outside company screen and approve cargo without seeing their insurance policy first.