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B&H Worldwide, which specialises in aircraft-on-ground (AOG) and aerospace supply chains, is to launch a European road freight network.

It says it is looking to provide “cost effective” transport options to run alongside its express air freight services.

As the network launches B&H will open new offices in Frankfurt and Prague, also partially in response to continuing uncertainty in the European aviation industry due to Brexit.

“We are excited to be opening these two new offices and introducing a road option into our portfolio of aerospace logistics solutions,” said Mr Allen.

“For our customers across the globe Europe is a key location and our extended presence at the heart of the EU, combined with the new road network, further enhances our ability to meet their needs.”

B&H appeared to shrug off concerns surrounding the current tight capacity in the haulage market. However, it did confirm that the operation would be subcontracted rather than B&H building its own haulage fleet.

A spokesperson told The Loadstar: “B&H has entered into a strategic alliance with a partner to provide this service.”

The office at Frankfurt’s Cargo City site at the airport will include “high security” warehousing, and the Prague office is at Vaclav Havel Airport.

The news follows a prosperous period for the operator, last month it announced airBaltic had selected B&H to handle its AOG and service cargo shipments.

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