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Atlas Air has ordered Boeing’s last-ever four 747-8Fs before the aircraft maker pulls the plug on production.

The aircraft will arrive between May and October 2022. Atlas said a number of its legacy 747-400F leases would be up for renewal in the coming years, and the order would give it “enhanced flexibility to balance future capacity needs with customer demand”. The aircraft will either be operated by Atlas for its customers, or be available for dry-leasing through its Titan Aviation subsidiary.

Meanwhile, DHL Express, has placed an order for an additional eight new Boeing 777 freighters. First deliveries are scheduled for 2022.

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  • Rayhan ahmed

    January 12, 2021 at 11:02 pm

    I am very concerned that the Boeing 747
    400 freighter production line is closing were
    It needs an extension because of the long
    Run circumstances that we are in .
    However the Boeing 777 freighter is being
    Produced like chocolate biscuits And we do
    Not see a end to this production line for
    Many years to come .. were the 777 x freighter
    Variant is on the horizon.
    I have ramp handled the B747 400 passenger
    Variant and it’s the most exciting aircraft
    To work on specially if the airline sticks
    To it maintenance schedules in the cargo
    Hold … as we all agree that the cargo hold
    And it’s systems are apart of the aircraft were
    Some or most airlines feel they are separate ..
    We’re the aircraft engineer licence course does
    Not separate the cargo hold drive systems
    Of that particular aircraft to its airframe and it’s
    Engines .