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From US TV station CNBC comes this in-depth look at the recent surge in Chinese counterfeits of US-made goods being sold via Amazon. Interestingly, it is being blamed on Amazon’s foray into logistics, especially its creation of a NVOCC in China and registering it with the Federal Maritime Commission. This has allowed Chinese manufacturers to ship directly to the US without the normal checks and balances provided by going through independent forwarders and 3PLs. Examples are multiple and growing, and include household brand names: “Birkenstock has seen dozens of stores at a time hawking its Arizona Sandal for $79.99, a full $20 below the retail price. The names of the online storefronts change all the time, one day including the monikers Silver Peak Wine Cellar and Ryan Hollifield and the next Keila*Knightley and Bking sewneg.”

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