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Nearly 40% of US Department of Transportation workers have been furloughed in the US government shutdown. While staff upholding safety will continue in their jobs,  some administrative duties will be suspended until the government agrees a deal. In the FAA, suspended activities include the aircraft registry, thus delaying deliveries of new aircraft and stopping the sale of used planes; it will not issue airmen certificates; stop some security inspections, NextGen development work, and air traffic analysis, among other things. Some 40% of staff will be furloughed. The Federal Highway Administration and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will be unaffected by the shutdown. But nearly half of the Federal Railroad Administration staff are furloughed, and more than 40% of the Maritime Administration, but primarily in administrative functions.

There is a chance the government shutdown could end shortly – albeit temporarily: a cross-party group of senators is trying to get together a plan which will fund the government until February 8. Or a longer-term deal could be agreed today. You can see all the details of who is and who isn’t working, here.

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