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The Loadstar has repeatedly reported on the trade developments coming with China’s One Belt One Road initiative, but this fascinating blog from geopolitical intelligence firm Stratfor into the social and political factors that are at work in China’s drive to open up the markets of South Asia, which has pitted itself against the regional superpower India. Overtures to other countries in the region – Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka  and Bangladesh – on the part of the Chinese, with host of rail, road and port projects being dangled in front of cash-strapped governments, are putting India in a difficult position. “The Belt and Road Initiative puts New Delhi in a difficult position. India will face risks whether it joins in the endeavour or continues to oppose it. New Delhi’s decision not to send any representatives to the landmark May 14-15 Belt and Road Forum is a sign that it will continue to bide its time, though, waiting to see how these projects evolve and perhaps choosing to step up its efforts to limit the extent of China’s creeping influence in the meantime.”

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