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Ever increasing levels of visibility are being brought to the container shipping market and this week it was the turn of iContainers to announce the latest development, a real-time notification system.

The online freight forwarder’s solution provides detailed, automatic, and instant notifications via email providing “precise” information on the cargo shipment throughout its journey.

According to iContainers, these emails are sent out automatically as the cargo crosses voyage “milestones”, including loading, drop-off, vessel departure and arrival.

Co-founder and president of iContainers Ivan Tintore said visibility around these “milestones” was vital to shippers, and the system removed the need for shippers to call carriers or their forwarders.

“This is exactly what we’re eliminating; our new automated notifications system gives shippers a peace of mind by informing them what they need to know at the right time,” said Mr Tintore.

Mr Tintore went on to describe the system’s proactive dissemination of information as “a breakthrough” in the shipping industry’s information and monitoring systems.

iContainers said the system would complement its real-time track & trace service, launched two months ago.

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