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Another day, and more technological innovations are announced, and today’s sample is interesting: a portable inventory audit app.

Using RFID, Wave allows users to take an inventory audit in real time via a handheld device, which connects to a server.

The system, developed by SimplyRFID, marks inventory by GPS, stores the data and synchronises it across all the handheld devices.

According to the company: “The system was developed with performance in mind, painstakingly built … to ensure the fastest, most stable experience for users. Optimised to run on an iPod with over 1,000,000 records, Wave enables users to easily update inventories, conduct audits, and work from anywhere.”

However, it’s not the only one on the market, with many forwarders having developed their own inventory tracking technology. But it is cheap (from $99 per month), scalable – and simple.

SimplyRFID said: “You pick how you want to organise. All your data is searchable from anywhere, but when you are auditing an area, it’s nice to say, ‘OK, I’m missing these items’, Wave will tell you what you still need to find in that location. Wave will also update the ‘last seen’ time to see how long an item has been missing.”

It claims to benefit a wide range of industries, although it does only specifically cite wine cellars and tree farms.

The other new tech is a Brazilian-developed forwarder partner platform, Parnity, which allows forwarders to find partners around the world, manage those partnerships and share information among teams. It was designed to be a free and simple one-stop solution to finding and managing partnerships.

“The main goal here is to allow companies from all over the world to start their own network with new and previous partners, and easily organise to share with your team,” said co-founder Thais Faria.

While it’s potentially a simple solution for small forwarders, who can rate each other, it doesn’t offer any protection, or quality guarantee, and while it claims not to be a directory, that is one of its characteristics, along with an AI-powered partner management system.

It currently has 7,000 forwarders on its platform.

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