XPO’s report details the efforts the international carrier is taking to keep its warehouses, terminals and other workplaces safe and clean. It comes as states, businesses, schools and universities consider returns to normal operations.

Transport and logistics companies never had to make decisions about reopening. They were declared “essential services” by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The scramble to keep workplaces and trucks safe and free from the coronavirus began immediately, as medical facilities began reporting cases in the United States and Canada. Companies reached quick agreements with employees — UPS Freight and the Teamsters agreed to pandemic-related accommodations on March 22.

XPO’s research also indicates technology is being used as fervently as soap and water, in efforts to prevent spread and avoid hot spots. There is XPO’s “risk-mitigation map,” a flow chart of what to do and who to contact as facts emerge. The company also stressed that personal protective equipment (PPE) has been provided to workers.

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