The ecological concept of greenhouse gas emissions
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It’s not just shippers that are beginning to insist their suppliers have a plan to tackle climate change; now investors too are looking to force change. Activist hedge fund TCI plans to target directors of companies that fail to disclose their carbon emissions. The founder said: “Investing in a company that doesn’t disclose its pollution is like investing in a company that doesn’t disclose its balance sheet. If governments won’t force disclosure, then investors can force it themselves.” According to the Guardian, almost a third of UK boards (32%) feel little or no responsibility for the climate crisis. But TCI’s founder added: “Asset owners should fire asset managers that do not require such disclosure. 

“Investors don’t need to wait on regulators who are asleep at the switch and unwilling or unable to regulate emissions properly. They can use their voting power to force change on companies who refuse to take their environmental emissions seriously. Investors have the power, and they have to use it.” 

You have been warned… 

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