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GAC Group, which provides a range of integrated shipping, logistics and marine services, yesterday announced a raft of management changes across its regions.

At group level, Erland Ebbersten, moves from being group vice president for Africa, Russia and Central Asia region to group vice president of Marine covering Abu Dhabi, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, and will be based in Abu Dhabi.

Thomas Okbo, previously company manager of GAC Hong Kong, replaces Mr Ebbersten as group vice president for Africa region (AFR), while Russia now reports GAC’s Europe management.

Lars Bergström, formerly group vice president of the Middle East, moves to become group vice president of Asia Pacific and Indian subcontinent region, which included Pakistan.

He is effectively switching places with Fredrik Nyström, who is the new group vice president of the Middle East region, although the management of the Indian region moves with Mr Bergström.

In Hong Kong, Mr Okbo is replaced as company manager by former finance manager Maria Lam.

Mikko Wieru, who previously headed GAC Qatar will assume the helm as company manager of GAC Marine Abu Dhabi, and will be replaced by Daniel Nordberg, who served in the same role in Oman.

Johan Fulke takes the reigns at GAC Oman, following a stint as company manager of GAC Marine Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines Joel Domingo has been appointed company manager for GAC Philippines, replacing previous managing director Jake Cuerva, who remains GAC’s partner and chairman of the GAC Philippines Board.

Finally, Lukas Jönsson, GAC Sweden business development manager, has taken over from Mats Boberg as company manager, Mr Boberg will remain with the company until his retirement at the end of 2016, focusing on project-related matters.


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