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A short follow-up on our IATA story on Monday, about its new eAWB module for low-volume forwarders. Riege sent us a link to its blog, which makes the interesting point that ‘free’ platforms don’t count the real cost of wasted time and efficiency, and cheap or simple ‘solutions’ tend to be no such thing. Does a one-dimensional platform have any value at all, it asks? If you can forgive the marketing for its own product at the bottom, then it’s worth a read for forwarders wondering which way to turn in a market which appears to have many, many options.

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  • Monty Clark

    October 21, 2015 at 5:20 pm

    e-Freight is “blighting the cargo industry”? This is an altogether reckless statement in view of how visionary e-Freight actually is. Very few industries have realized the business value of eliminating paper processes as well as IATA has laid out. The technology to implement this vision is just now coming into play. Older computer to computer networks just won’t work where literally billions of possible connections exist, so the network needs to be rethought. XML and older EDI messaging systems must be seamlessly married, API’s for legacy system integration must be in place and a host of other ingredients. Most of these technologies didn’t even exist five years ago. Customers always pay for value, and they will gladly pay for an eAWB/e-Freight solution that contains just that – business value.