The international air cargo conglomeration, Challenge Group has chosen to partner with EXSYN with a focus on aircraft data migration.

EXSYN’s aircraft data management solution, NEXUS, will play a vital role in managing the complex aircraft data flows as Challenge Airlines and Challenge Technic migrate to the recently selected MRO/M&E system (AMOS) over the coming weeks. Challenge Airline BE will be the first of the Group’s companies to migrate to the new system and will also benefit from the technical expertise of EXSYN’s team of Aircraft Data Consultants. This is augmented with technical expertise provided by EXSYN’s team of Aircraft Data Consultants.

Veronique Paquay, Technical Director of Challenge Airline BE says, “EXSYN’s global expertise on the migration of aircraft data through their tested method and tools will enable us to efficiently manage the complex data migration process. This partnership will help us to reduce the time required to integrate our fleet and reap the benefits of our new MRO/M&E system, AMOS, faster.”

Sander de Bree, CEO of EXSYN Aviation Solutions adds, “As EXSYN we are leaders in the migration and management of aircraft data. Partnering with Challenge Group directly made sense to us in order to provide our technology and expertise to support Challenge Group to successfully onboard their airworthiness and maintenance data to the new MRO software, AMOS.”

EXSYN’s Aircraft Data Management Platform focuses on the three main elements of aircraft data management: Data Migration, Data Integration, and Data Analytics. The platform is powered by the two products NEXUS and AVILYTICS. Functions in the platform range from MRO system data migration capabilities for all commonly used aviation industry MRO software, building SPEC25000 compliant aircraft redelivery binders, transforming aircraft delivery binders to be automatically loaded into airline MRO software and a wide range of aircraft data health reports to monitor data quality. The full range of analytics capabilities caters for aircraft reliability management, maintenance costs optimization, and prediction of upcoming aircraft component failures. With these data integration tools, airlines and MROs can automate business processes that make use of – or generate the data available in their MRO systems. Clients using EXSYN’s Aircraft Data Management Platform can also opt to augment this with expert services provided by EXSYN’s team of Aircraft Data Consultants.

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