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British International Freight Association (BIFA) has appointed Graeme Wilkinson as its training development manager.

On the team for six years, Mr Wilkinson helped design all BIFA’s training materials when the association brought its education plan in-house.

He has also been a forwarder for 25 years, at companies including CH Robinson, Pantos, MIQ Logistics and Emery.

Carl Hobbis, one of BIFA’s executive directors who has responsibility for training activities, said: “During Graeme’s six years at BIFA he has shown how his wide range of industry knowledge can provide excellent support for the delivery of our freight and customs training programmes.

“We are anticipating demand for all the different courses and programmes we offer to remain high in 2023.”

BIFA director general Steve Parker added: “Brexit, the switch from CHIEF to CDS and the development of a relevant freight forwarding apprenticeship are among a number of factors that have led to a significant increase in demand for our training programmes.

“Graeme’s promotion is part of a strategy to further develop the portfolio of training activities BIFA offers, and he will lead the push to further enhance the quality of education and skills development we offer as we seek to help members cultivate the next generation of freight forwarders.

“At the same time, it frees up Carl to spend more time working on other important initiatives that BIFA has in the pipeline, many designed to strengthen and support our engagement with our members.”

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