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The pages of The Loadstar have often featured a “procurement vs logistics” battle, but is it really so simple? The role of procurement seems to be changing, and is now often going way beyond simply negotiating prices and authorising cheques, and is creating more opportunities for outsourcing. Some of those revolve around procurement functions, while more outsourcing inevitably makes procurement officers even more important – a not-so virtuous circle.

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  • steven ingels

    July 03, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    Pricing, availability, engineering acceptance, construction schedule, etc all have a premium place in the purchasing process. Now this coupled with outsourcing for sub vendoring implying 3rd party contracting and compliance offers a chess match of moves for the best chances for pure purchasing model successes.

    For those who assume this is a simple process please understand that the function in its purest sense requires alot.