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A good article by Quartz on the impact of the Jones Act on the US – looking at road traffic, environmental concerns and the high costs involved (Hawaiians can pay $8 for a gallon of milk). The powerful lobby in favour of retaining the Jones Act, which includes the ILWU, has so far manged to prevent changes. But while politicians accept that a total repeal pf the Act is unlikely, they could introduce a single amendment allowing US companies to buy ships abroad – something that all other modes of transport are allowed to do, and which could alleviate some of the problems.

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  • Capt.Bill Waldmeier

    August 07, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    A bit of a strange story by Mr.Olsen…
    He quotes $ 8 for a gallon of milk in Hawaii….( shipped from the US mainland ),
    while mentioned HI ranchers shipping COWS to the mainland by plane….
    By the way, passengers and cargo are transported by ships, not boats.
    Ships have lifeboats.

    The reason for the high coast of shipping between the US mainland to
    AK, HI and Puerto Rico is simply a question of supply and demand.
    There is no real competition. It’s a closed shop, a monopoly.

    Do you know what a container clerk is earning for walking around with
    a scanner in Long Beach, which could be easily done by an automatic scanner?
    He takes home between $ 120/150 K per annum!
    A harbour pilot? Between 250/400 K per annum!!
    That kills the US coastal traffic.
    Plus the inflated US shipyard prices.
    No competition.
    Jones act ships NEED the US yards for building those ships.