IPO, Initial Public Offering for company to buy and sell in stoc

Höegh Autoliners plans to accelerate growth and boost investment in its green and digital transformation, the company said today, as it “accelerates decarbonisation with new industry leading vessels”.

Keen to invest “in a series of up to 12 Aurora class multi-fuel and ammonia ready vessels designed with a 9,100 car equivalent unit capacity,” the Norway-based company is also “considering a potential listing.”

It noted:

“We are investing in future technology and newbuilds to further strengthen our service offering and meet our ambitious environmental targets and those of our customers. The recent launch of the multi-fuel Aurora class design demonstrates how we can strengthen our leading position in decarbonisation and cargo efficiency. These vessels will be the largest and greenest PCTCs to be built and lead the way towards a net zero emissions future for our industry,” Leif O Høegh commented.

Since 2008, Höegh has achieved a reduced carbon intensity of 37% across its fleet and, it added, is significantly ahead of the global IMO 2030-target of 40% reduction.

“We are accelerating our decarbonisation efforts to meet our net zero emissions target by 2040 and are committed to build a more sustainable maritime industry. The advancement in propulsion technology and digital solutions will significantly strengthen our capabilities to combat climate change,” Höegh CEO Andreas Enger said in the prepared remarks.

ABG Sundal Collier and DNB Markets “have been engaged to assist in the process of a potential listing supporting the acceleration of the company’s decarbonisation goals”.

For more, the full release is here.

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