UPS 767

The Loadstar’s April Fool story about Amazon buying a fleet of containerships which would simultaneously be able to steam fast and slow at the same time and anchor off the coasts of major population centres in a new definition of near-shoring took in quite a few readers… we’d like to think it was all due to the deft writing and clever ideas, but in all likelihood it was probably because anything about Amazon and its ventures into the logistics sphere is believable at the moment. However, this blog from The Elite League (imagine logistics’ answer to TripAdvisor) argues that there are several reasons why the big integrators have little to fear from Amazon and its supply chain investments: “While Amazon is good at sidling up to a business partner to glean what makes them successful, that doesn’t mean it can just shove them out of the game easily. Both FedEx and UPS have been in the game too long for that.”

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